DinnerBond and LoveBond are initiatives promoted by Grey srl, via Niccolò Paganini, 4 Р20131 Milano organizer and owner of the rights to supply them to the end user.

The following rules apply exclusively to DinnerBond and LoveBond Voucher holders and the methods and criteria of use are indicated on the same Voucher.

Dinnerbond is a prepaid voucher and is issued on behalf of the restaurants that join the initiative; LoveBond is a prepaid voucher and is issued on behalf of the hotels and activities in general that join the initiative and both are viewable on the website.

Both Dinnerbond and LoveBond Vouchers have the value expressly indicated on each of them and are expendable at the Activity on behalf of which Grey srl has issued them and generally sold at a price lower than the value indicated on the same, under the terms and conditions provided in these regulations and on the voucher itself.

DinnerBonds and LoveBonds can be purchased exclusively on the website, the conditions are clearly indicated for each activity that adheres to the initiative and will be sent via email directly to the buyer or whoever for it.

The Vouchers can be used from the date of reopening of the activity, upon reservation and within the indicated expiry date, after which they will cease to be valid.


  1. The Voucher must be handed over as payment to the activity at the time of account balance, any differences will be paid directly by the Voucher holder with the other accepted payment methods. Each Voucher shows the conditions of use for specific activities, as indicated on the site; it does not give right to remainder and is not refundable.
  2. The Voucher is bearer, it is identified with the code so it can be given as a gift, it can be used only and exclusively after booking to be made directly with the activity indicated on it and on behalf of which it was issued and that, after collecting the Voucher from the Customer, will promptly notify Grey srl in order to proceed with the cancellation of the used Voucher.
  3. Each Activity undertakes to reserve to Voucher holders a treatment similar and equivalent to that of regular customers, without any discrimination arising from the use of DinnerBond or LoveBond as a method of payment and it will not be possible to increase prices, or exclude specific dishes or drinks from the a la carte or guided menu, or specific accommodation, unless prior agreements with Grey srl, established in writing and reported on the site
  4. The payment of the Voucher through the site is made at the same time of purchase.
  5. Complaints: in case of any complaints regarding the services received, the customer has the right to receive any clarification regarding the complaint; to this end, the customer is invited to report directly on site to the owners the reason for the complaint and, if it is not resolved, to contact LoveBond immediately.
  6. Assistance: customers can contact the number +39 02 49705264 available for help with purchasing, receiving Vouchers, advice on restaurants, accommodation and activities, clarification on procedures.
  7. The site is a platform that allows the User to connect, among other features, with the restaurants and hotels listed, therefore Grey srl acts exclusively as an intermediary in the sale of Voucher expendable upon reservation by the User.
  8. Eligibility conditions: the use of the website is subject to the following cumulative eligibility requirements: the User must (i) be at least 18 years of age; (ii) have the legal capacity to submit to legal obligations; (iii) and the reservations made on the site, for himself or for other persons for whom he has the legal right to act, will be legitimate.
  9. It is up to Users to make the checks deemed necessary or appropriate before making a reservation in one of the activities listed on the website; Grey srl does not offer any kind of guarantee in relation to the Content or services and/or business practices of third parties listed on the site. Consequently, Grey srl does not guarantee that Users will be satisfied with the products, services and/or business practices experienced following a booking made with DinnerBond or LoveBond vouchers.
  10. Given the interactivity of the website, all the information it contains is subject to change at any time, without this determining the responsibility of Grey srl.