Trattoria la Rosetta

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Address: Via della Rosetta 8 - 9 - Roma (RM)

Phone: +39 06 6861002


Closing days: Sunday

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Just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, Trattoria la Rosetta was established in 1966 as the result of a strong passion for the excellence of Mediterranean and Sicilian cuisine. Since then, it has become a reference point in the Roman gastronomic panorama.

La Rosetta is not just a restaurant, it is the real way to experience conviviality that starts with good food.

For Massimo Riccioli, cooking is an act of love. The best way to get to know him well is to let him guide you among the flavours of his recipes.

One of the main features of the venue is the oyster bar, an area dedicated to tasting and to the freshness of the finest raw food, where you can taste fresh food and enjoy innovative combinations.

Another exclusive feature is Massimo & Julia Lab, a creative space which has been specially designed for private events. A party, a special occasion, or simply the curiosity of enjoying the chef’s talent exclusively.

Furthermore, you can choose among more than 600 different wine labels – national and international – to go with your dinner. You may wish to buy your own bottle of wine, or sit down to taste our desserts after dinner and let yourself be guided in the choice of the perfect matching wine.