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Address: Via Giuseppe Sacchi 8 - Milano (MI)

Phone: +39 348 8074828

Email: info@terrammare.rest

Closing days: Always open (closed for holidays from 1 August to 9 September)

Terms of use: In this restaurant, the voucher is valid regardless of the number of diners

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The protagonists: Peppe Barone, master chef of Trinacria; Palermitan chef Ninni Radicini, his alter ego at the cooker; Stefania Lattuca, restaurant manager, committed to a professional partnership with Barone for years; the young pastry chef Giuseppe Puccia…. All Sicilians, from the kitchen crew to the wait staff.

The soul: encloses its essence, Sicily, which flavours, fragrances and gastronomic creativity it enhances, but with an eye to contemporary cuisine, in step with the changes.

The venue: small – it sits about 40 people – with characteristic wooden tables, purposely left a little rough; the menus come from Modica, the chef’s hometown, and are the work of a local printer of ancient wisdom; same origin also for the glass plates and dishes, which are made that way on purpose. The same goes for the wooden panelling.

The cuisine: the protagonists tell us about it “We want to offer here, in the city, the cuisine of a simple territory. Linear, able to enhance the value of food while telling the story of our roots but in a contemporary key; now that we have “landed” in Milan, we are here to stay and find the right mix, that is, a Sicily narrated with philological respect, yet modernised , therefore lighter and classier, because this is a dynamic and demanding city that knows how to give a lot but demands respect for certain standards.”