Osteria del Sognatore

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Address: Via Morimondo 1 - Milano (MI)

Phone: +39 02 89126048

Email: prenotazioni@osteriadelsognatore.it

Closing days: Sunday - From Monday to Friday open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Saturday open for dinner

Terms of use: In this restaurant the Voucher is valid: - for lunch regardless of the number of diners - for dinner for 1 person

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A friendly spot, bringing creative flair and tradition to the old Naviglio di Leonardo. You will be welcomed by the perfect, elegant yet characteristic and informal atmosphere, created by lights, wooden beams, glimpses of exposed bricks, candle-lit tables and jazz music.

The menu is renewed monthly, following the seasonality of produce, and is divided into two types of dishes: the Estro dishes, creative recipes by our Chef Max, offering unusual combinations, therefore a more daring style of cuisine, and the dishes of Tradition, timeless classics which are always appreciated.

The bread here is rigorously homemade with ancient , all Italian, grain flours and the same type of dough is used to make little snacks, focaccia, loaves, bread sticks and the delicious brioches for breakfast.

The selection of our wines is the outcome of the search for native Italian vine varieties with limited productions. The selected wines are therefore of outstanding quality and offer an excellent quality-price ratio.

Il Sognatore (the Dreamer) tells us: It was the happy innkeeper’s habit to talk, eat and drink good wine; between a laugh and a carefree thought of the innkeeper, even a dream seemed close by… since then, the Ritual of the Sognatore, who drinks his wine and throws away the grudge: after each bottle, he keeps the cork, looks for the ampoule and the wish is expressed!