Osteria da Bice

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Address: Via Carbonati 4-6 - Mantova (MN)

Phone: +39 0376 288368

Email: bicelagallina@libero.it

Closing days: Sunday evening and Monday

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Osteria da Bice La Gallina Felice sits on a narrow side street in the centre of Mantua. The chickens drawn as part of the interior and exterior décor make the atmosphere of the venue happy and warm.

All ingredients are selected with extreme care: top-quality products to celebrate the Mantuan territory. Chef Stefania Berti prepares typical dishes belonging to traditional cuisine but also recipes that have been revisited very wisely.

Among them, the most appreciated by customers are Bice’s cured meat appetizers, riso alla pilota, guanciale (jowl bacon) confit with caramelised onions and potato chips, Stefania-style chicken salad. Also highly recommended is la Zuppa della Bice (Bice’s Soup: Sbrisolona with alchermes, dark chocolate pudding, eggnog and whipped cream).