Nonna Nia

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Address: via Roma 109 - Palma Campania (NA)

Phone: +39 081 18821400


Closing days: Monday

Terms of use: Voucher valid for 1 person – tasting menu “The Silk Ways”, excluding drinks

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Nonna Nia is a unique venue where tradition meets innovation, a laboratory of ideas and experimentation starting from a single point, Campania and its local products of excellence, to then expand and touch other cultures.

Chef Mario Siano’s inventive flair is right in the fusion of tradition, innovation and a touch of madness: he studies and elaborates tasting menus with great care reserved to detail and aimed at enhancing the ingredients and locally-sourced produce available in the Boutique. The menus are a showcase of seasonal ingredients.

Just few months from its opening, Nonna Nia embarks on a culinary project which is extremely interesting, yet a little crazy, driven by the admiration for a wonderful culture and country: the idea is to merge traditional cuisine of Campania with traditional Japanese cuisine. The project is immediately appreciated so it soon becomes a brand, registered under the name MooShi “Muzzarell & Fusion”, a name which embodies the essence of both cultures.

This “Nippo-Campano” style pushes him to study with Master Chef Hiroiko Shoda – starred chef and Ambassador of Japanese cuisine around the world-, obtaining a diploma as Japanese chef.

Back in the kitchen of his own restaurant, he throws himself headlong in the creation of new dishes and new “fusions”, never losing his will and opening up his mind to any possibilities to learn and to new horizons.

The future lies where ideas shine.