Il Convivio Troiani

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Address: Vicolo dei soldati 31 - Roma (RM)

Phone: +39 06 6869432


Closing days: Sunday - from Monday to Saturday open for dinner

Terms of use: Voucher valid for 1 person – Excluding main public holidays, such as Christmas, New Year’s Eve and Easter; valid for à la carte menu and drinks, or for different types of tasting menus- to be agreed upon at the time of booking.

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30 YEARS. 30 Years in which we have crossed seas and mountains, storms and lightning in clear skies, years made up of unforgettable days when we have cooked, eaten, drunk with our friends and colleagues, received awards and criticism, let small/great assistants go, and raised great chefs.

Today we are here. The three of us, as always, together. “Here and now”, even more enthusiastic than before, ready to start our next journey, fully dedicated to the large family of Convivio Troiani and to you, as no journey would have been possible without you! Are you ready?

Italy, Rome. Lands of beauty, culture, history, tradition and a goldmine in terms of fine food and wine varieties. At Convivio Troiani, in the heart of Rome, our cuisine welcomes and reflects this heritage of tradition and taste to then reinvent it, projecting it into the present. A philosophy that combines tradition and modernity, sustainability, recognisability and naturalness, based on genuine ingredients, especially organic food products, which we first select with passion and care, thanks to the direct contact with producers, to then cook using our experience, rigorous study and creativity.

The result is a personal culinary style that we can define “product-based”, which is harmonious, genuine and meditated, finely tuned with the seasons and the territory, in balance between tradition and modernity, which does not bow down to fads but stand by itself. Committed to offering healthy dishes, which give emotions, surprise, produce pleasant and evocative responses that magically become part of the memories of those who enjoy them.