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Address: Via G. Carducci 17 - Milano (MI)

Phone: +39 02 866040


Closing days: Sunday

Terms of use: Voucher valid for 1 person for dinner (complete tasting menu and wine tasting of 6 different types of wine).

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Boccondivino can either mean “boccone divino” (divine bite) or “boccon di vino (a bite of wine)!

Have fun choosing whichever solution you prefer: Boccondivino has been the best as for wines, cured meats and cheeses since 1976, for an enogastronomic journey based exclusively on Italian exceptionalities.
At Boccondivino we devote all of our time to searching for the best, offering a wonderful guided tour around the most hidden corners of Italy to the rediscovery of the tastiest cured meat or the perfectly aged toma cheese to be paired with the most suitable wine.

Our cellar, with more than nine hundred all-Italian labels, is one of the richest and most sought-after: very famous names and precious “new entries”, ageing in an absolutely natural environment, are waiting for you. Accompanied by our sommeliers, you can visit this oenological paradise and look at, taste, and buy your favourite bottle.

The tasting menu, available from day one, begins with a glass of prosecco, to accompany the small entrées. A rich pinzimonio of fresh vegetables is just an excuse to taste a white wine; then, it is the turn of the rich selection of cured meats, served with an explanation of their origin following the order they accompany a fragrant young red wine. Risotto and fresh pasta change from day to day, just like the aged red wine that accompanies them. There are two cheese trolleys: one dedicated to fresh dairy products with daily arrivals from Southern Italy, and the second- the imperial one- including more than 40 varieties of cheese from medium to mature, extra-mature and vintage. All served, of course, with the appropriate wine. Desserts, cantucci and vin santo to close the experience in complete sweetness, while the coffee announces the arrival of the spirits. Cheers!