Asso di Fiori

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Address: Alzaia Naviglio Grande 54 - Milano (MI)

Phone: +39 02 89409415


Closing days: The first three Sundays of the month

Terms of use: In this restaurant the Voucher is valid regardless of the number of diners

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Asso di Fiori – L’Osteria dei Formaggi (literally, The Cheese Tavern) is a historical spot on Navigli. Three generations have run the tavern since 1984, all driven by passion and love for their work.

The restaurant is full of vintage radios, theatre posters from the 1920s, and vintage objects. In the main hall, with a view of Naviglio, a life-size cow welcomes you and it is so in tune with the place that no one is surprised to find it there, it is as if it had always been there and they built the restaurant around it. The second room is more discreet and further into the building. Downstairs is the wine cellar, which can be booked exclusively, where you can dine among hundreds of bottles, with bricks in view; in summertime, some tables are positioned outside, forming a charming corner where you can get a glimpse “out of time”, only possible on Navigli.

Each room has a name that refers to a card game because originally, back in the ‘60s, the place was a dive where a different game was played in each room.

The restaurant specialises in dishes based on Italian cheeses, but not only. Here you can enjoy fresh pasta, red meat and game, original and unusual combinations where the ingredients enhance each other to allow you to discover new flavours and new interesting matchings, such as goat cheese scented with truffle, enriched by toasted almonds and black pepper; bombardoni with Puzzone di Moena DOP fondue and Calabrian licorice powder; and, ostrich fillet with fried leeks with cooked wine and “drunk” cheese reduction.